Katas of Ryukyukobudo are inheritances which the predecessors originated for themselves and we must hand down them rightly and widely to the future generation.



Be careful about the following points in studying Ryukyukobudo.


1.Dodge the opponent not by power, but by your body and place yourself in the best position.


2.Continue to practice constantly through all your life.


3.Karatedo and Ryukyukobudo are quite the same originally.


4.Study the spirit which comprises Rei(礼),Zanshin(残心),etc.,in the process of learning.


5.You must be able to use weapons, but never depend on them.


6.To teach technique is easy, but there is nothing except your effort and practice to study it completely.


7.The technique of Bo(棒)is synthetic one.

The technique of Sai(サイ)is one of the Shuto(手刀)system.

The technique of Tonfa(トンファ)is one of the Uraken(裏拳)and Elbow strike(肘打ち) system.


8.Nunchaku(ヌンチャク) belongs to the class of Bo and is the so called “Portable Bo”.


9.Kama(鎌)is the techniques of Kakete(掛け手)and Kurite(くり手)of Karate. Each weapons of Ryukyukobudo are very useful for the way of studying the basic techniques of Karate.



10Tekko jutsu(鉄甲術)is all the same as Karate jutsu except the special use of this weapon.


11Tinbe jutsu(ティンベー術)is the one that defend with “Tinbe”(=shield) and attack with “Rochin”(=short spear) and can be seen everywhere in the world.


12Surujin(スルジン)is the best weapon for hiding from the opponent’s eyes, but it can’t be used without the right how to use and enough training.


13The above said weapons are called “Jyoteiken”(常定剣)which the length and the form is fixed, we usually practice with them ,the final most important purpose is that we can get to the ability which can use “Ranteiken”(乱定剣)which the length and the form is not fixed.

引用 「飛ぶ願いがある」

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